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Happy Easter guys! Hope you’re spending this free Monday with your dearest. I’m starting my week with cleaning and hopefully some studying (you know, for college, I’m still enroll to… Yeah, I forgot too), of course not overdoing myself on the holiday, so I’ll do some sleep in and lazy ass things as well.

Speaking of laziness, I finally watched Frozen yesterday and oooh man, everyone who haven’t seen this cartoon yet, go watch, it’s awesome! Yea, that was totally not random. Also another random fun fact, I kinda finished my blog renovation phase and it hopefully comes out as soon as next week. Speaking of that, I know I promised you some geeky posts, so tell me what you’d be most interested in?

And now totally jumping topics (it’s a day full of randomness and if you’re still reading this, know that I have a special place in my heart for you ♥), let’s talk about clothes.

I’m still enjoying my casual, but need to work on bringing a little more of the chic factor in. And since few days back I concluded a very successful ebay session that consisted of basically just very colorful shiny bling, this shouldn’t be such a problem. Clothes on the other hand, I’m happy with my usual black, white and grey. Have a good week!

What Would I Wear: Blush Midi Skirt

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