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Weekend Shots @ ZOO

SPOILER ALERT: NOT a fashion post at all!

This doesn’t really go with the theme of the blog, but I really wanna share the shots from our visit to the zoo on Saturday, because they turned out ah-mazing. The light, the color and those cute (little) things… Love, love, love.

You can probably tell how excited I was to go, I was the happiest kid that day there. So happy, I forgot about shooting anyone else, but the animals, like my lovely friend, or myself, upsies. (but this is kinda what I was wearing) But we had so much fun! I’ll now leave you to enjoy the pretty pictures and get on my level of excitement. Happy Tuesday!

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  1. ZOO je zakon! Najbolje je ležat tam na viseči mreži in opazovat ptice, ki letajo okoli :)

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