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Let’s talk: Power of clothing

Do you have your favorite piece of wardrobe on the whole planet and when everything else fails, this one is there to save you? The perfect pair of black jeans that always looks great on you, perhaps?

“Confidence booster clothes” let’s call them, do they exist? Do they make or merely compliments your self esteem? Personally, when I feel down, I always rely on the classics and those favorite pieces to make me at least physically content about looking good. Sadly, lately when I look at my closet all I see is sad and pathetic clothes. Does this mean I overused the confidence booster factor in them? Will buying a whole new fresh wardrobe make it go away? Or this factor in reality doesn’t really exist and the clothes can’t reflect my self esteem, because I have in fact none left?

Because I really don’t. I know feeling good in your own body is crucial for feeling good, period, and all, but usually I could make it go away with a good chocolate cupcake or new fabulous T-shirt. Basically bribing myself to feel better, guilty as charged! Going to the gym would be much more smarter and I get it. Although this still doesn’t change the fact that I’m not going. While eating and buying your feelings is much easier, here, I have to deal with recently stated “don’t expect things to just fall in place“. Because gym routine and fit body won’t just fall out of sky for me, but that’s really a totally different subject, lets go back to clothes.

Did you ever experienced relying so much on this particular “confidence booster clothing piece” and then it failing you? It’s a tragedy. And yes, it happened. My Topshop high waisted black jeans failed me. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit, that these pants were almost the only bottoms I wore since I bought them half a year ago. They didn’t fit like usual, they looked overall old and sad. If usually, they brought the confidence score at least a little higher, this time it went straight to zero. But is it okay to rely so much on (just) a piece of clothing? Why is it, that the right clothes gives us such power? Give a girl some great fitting skinny jeans and good structured shirt and she can concur the world. Are we too emotionally attached to a piece of fabric? I do agree, that styled right, everyone can look their best, but what happens when their best just isn’t good enough for them? Then clothes just aren’t solution anymore. And I think we all need to realize, that clothes aren’t really the “confidence boosters”, they merely reflect our feelings. Only when you feel good on the inside, you can feel good also in your clothes.

So ladies, I want to know your feelings about clothes and what kind of relationship you have with them. What do they mean to you? Do you attach to your clothes? Share!


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  1. Nikoli nisem imela samo enega takega kosa, ampak jih je običajno nekaj, potem pa krožim. Na srečo sem pa ravno pred kratkim prišla iz obdobja, ko se niti v ogledalo nisem mogla več pogledat, ker se mi je zdelo da v čisto vsem obupnk izgledam.
    Imam pa eno zanimivo (čudno) lastnost: vedno ko načrtujem obleke za določene “pomembne” dogodke (recimo izpite na faksu) moram nujno obleči obleke, ki so “srečne”, kar običajno pomeni, da sem jih imela oblečene ob kakih lepih dogodkih, ali pa da so popolnoma nove, saj drugače verjamem, da ne bom naredila izpita. Kind of weird, right? :D


  2. Ja, ponavadi jih imam tudi jaz več, trenutno pa se krog oža in oža…
    Sploh ne tok weird, jaz imam nekaj podobnega, samo da jih ne tretiram tok kot “srečne” obleke, ampak bolj tiste v katerih sem se do tistega momenta počutila res dobro. Ponavadi se to pokaže bolj v nasprotnem pomenu, ker tiste stvari k katerih se mi je kej slabega zgodilo zelo težko še kdaj oblečem, ker vedno ko jih pogledam dobim flash tistega slabega občutka…

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