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OOTD: Leather & Gold

While I got a lot that I want to say, I still don’t want you to get bored and fall asleep going through just text, I though I’d do a little hybrid of an outfit and a monologue post, let’s call it a monofit post! (no? no, that’s not gonna stick, okay.)

They say, that you don’t need to apologize for not blogging when you don’t feel like it and it’s definitely true. And although I’m really not sorry I for this break (the posts would be totally boring and see-through otherwise), I still feel like you deserve some explanation or reasons why that keeps happening lately.

While on one hand I didn’t thought about producing new posts, I was still thinking about blogging just in other context. It’s no secret I love to create web and play with design and codes. And during this little blogging hiatus, I was doing just that. While thinking out the new and better layout for my thoughts to come through even clearer, I also thought about quitting, I’m not gonna lie. But on the breaking point, I decided to continue my journey as a blogger. It defined me so much these past years, I can’t just abandon it. It made me the fashion and internet lover that I am today, so it’s only logical that I proceed with it.

If you got the hint, you now know that I’m (again) thinking of renovating the blog and this time it’s going to the core and it’s going to be huge. I won’t bore you with details now you’ll see the finished result (someday soon I hope), unless you’d like few dedicated posts on that particular topic, which I’ll gladly do, as I’m currently all about being the biggest geek ever. So let me know!

Jacket, Jeans – Bershka, Watch – Asos, Nail Polish – Essie Peach Daquiri, Knuckle rings – H&M

What Would I Wear: Coco Made Me!

Nevermind the cold that sadly returned to our town, I’m already on spring mode and there’s no turning…


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