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While working on a exciting new place for you guys, I kinda forgot a little about the existing blog. Not that this isn’t exciting, but you know, new projects are always fun! So after a very productive weekend it’s time to dig in the new week. Hopefully even more productive. I’m thinking about some productivity oriented blog posts? Yay, Nay? Help me decide!

I also hope to start this week with some new fashion related ideas. I just feel so bored in the morning always going for the same thing. T-shirt, black jeans and boots, a classic, but not very fresh. Although looking through this week’s collage, I don’t think I’m gonna stray far along from it, but I’ll definitely try to come up with at least a twist, like some plum lips or lots of interesting jewelry!

Photos from: Style Scrapbook, Kenzas, Polienne, other blogs and tumblrs

Food: Big Chocolate Chip Cookie

Few Sundays ago, I craved sugar, but all the store were closed, so I got up and baked…


  1. Yay to the productivity posts, predusem zato ker sem sama zadnje čase totalno neproduktivna in bi nujno rabla malo zagona. :)

    xx, Kaja

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