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The weekend pretty much consisted of lying around, watching TV shows (from Originals, Vampire Diaries to Friends and Sex and the city) and few failed attempts at doing something productive, as starting to work more on the blog, reading useful books, researching for my upcoming project (I’m very excited about) or even cleaning the apartment, which would be quite good thing to do as well. But instead I at least got all the sleep I needed and got up to date with everything happening in tv world.

But now the new week is here and things have to be done. My planner is freshly organized, books are on my desk ready to be read and I even wrote down some ideas for new outfits, how about that. Speaking of outfits, this week the collage has more wintery theme than usual and that’s because if I want to survive this winter in style, I need all inspiration I can get! So let’s start this week with some fabulous clothes! Have a lovely Monday! Oh, and if you need more pretty pictures, hop over to my Tumblr!

What Would I Wear: Rainy Days

Digging the whole casual, comfy, little “Londonish” look with eye catching jewelry right now. Pants are so much…


  1. Must. Go. Buy. More. Clothes. Aaah! Lovely post, but you've just doubled my lust list haha x

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