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New: Statement Jewelry

Statement jewelry is so on right now, I decided to get some for myself! It’s all Ebay, so therefore very affordable, but still very cute! I instagramed the necklace when I got it (i just couldn’t resist it), but ear cuff and rings are totally new! Can’t wait to style my hair pretty and rock the earcuff, looks so fab!

Statement nakit je trenutno res “in”, zadnji mesec pa je prevzel tudi mene. Spodaj poslikano je vse iz Ebaya, ki je moj najljubši kraj za iskanje poceni a luštnega nakita. Ogrlica je že doživela svojo Instagram premiero, vse ostalo pa bo kmalu. Komaj čakam, da si uredim lase in sprobam tale uhanček, izgleda božansko!

Home Decor: Office

Beside bed, I think the “work” desk is a place where I spent the most of my time…


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