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Home Decor: Office

Beside bed, I think the “work” desk is a place where I spent the most of my time at home. So far all I have on it is computer, desk lamp, a cute frame with pictures and lots of junk lying around. Not really cute, huh. Step by step, I’m trying to change that and do something great with this place, because I want it to be nice and inviting, but also stimulating and scream productiveness. So of course I went on a search for ideas and I think I’m gonna go with the mix of cute frames of inspirational quotes and shelves up on the wall and very minimal essentials on the desk. Although the first idea, with the quotes on the wall looks soo gorgeous…

Balmain Pre Fall 2014

For this gloomy Sunday, I wanted to post something pretty for the eyes, and this Balmain PreFall collection…


  1. Ful dobre ideje :) tudi jaz se nagibam malo k temu da si preuredim prostor pri mizi, da bom bolj motivirana za učenje in delo. :)

    xx, Kaja

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