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And the winter has arrived in Ljubljana as well. The let’s be stylish, but still warm days are over, it’s time for who cares how I look, as long as I don’t freeze! But I geared up this year, with ton of tights, freakishly warm parka and some waterproof boots (yes, I used to have problems with walking around with wells in my shoes) and let’s not forget a very cozy beanie, so winter bring it on! Bonus points, as all mentioned above looks great too!

Anyways, as far as the collage down below goes, you can see that the theme Black, white, leather, gold applies really well. Throw in occasional jeans or grey and I’m ready to go. I hope you’re having a good Monday!

In zima je prispela tudi v Ljubljano. Dnevi ko si bil lahko stjliš pa te vseeno ni zeblo so nekako mimo, zdaj je prišel čas Briga me kako izgledam, samo da ne zmrznem. Ampak, jaz sem se letos že opremila s tono debelih pajkic in žab, zeloo toplo parko, nepremočljivimi škornji (jap, ponavadi sem naokoli hodila z jezeri v čevljih) in valda ogromno kapo, tako da zima, bring it on! Pa lahko mi prištejemo še bonus pike, ker vse našteto tudi dobro izgleda! Pa lep ponedeljek vsem!

Photos from: Lovely Pepa, Sincerely, Jules, other blogs and tumblrs

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