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OOTD: Sammy Dress Cardigan

Not gonna lie, I was pretty excited SammyDress contacted me, wanting to collaborate. I was thinking, now it’s finally my turn! But reading this post over at Kristiana’s blog… knocked me on the real ground. I mean I’m no rookie when it comes to Chinese stores, I order quite a lot, but I think I just learned my lesson.

Well, I got the package, it was nicely packed and inside was a top, cardigan and a little knuckle ring like I ordered. The top is great (I made a separate outfit post about it for later this week), but the cardigan was quite a surprise when I unwrapped it. *Inserting the product images here* and below you can see how it looks on me… It’s not bad, but doesn’t really match the pictures on the website, or at least how I pictured it in my head.

With this, I don’t want to rant, be ungrateful or by any means make negative review, I just wanted to paint you the realistic picture of what you get. Although I was very careful with measurements and reading all the description, I still got a little bit surprised, and not really in a good way.

SammyDress is a great store when it comes to jewelry, accessories and bags, but personally I don’t think it’s really wise to order clothes, unless you’re on the smaller size, then I think you’d be just fine, at least in terms of sizing.
Now I’d like to hear your opinion on such stores? Do you order and what do you usually pick there?

Brand provided this item free for review, and all opinions and experiences are 100% my own.

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