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Bucket List 2014

Instead of writing down a list of resolutions I never stick to, I decided to rather do a bucket list of things I want to get/achieve/do this year. Hopefully, I’ll cross all out by the end of 2014. Any now it’s your turn! What’s on your bucket list?

Namesto novoletnih sklepov, ki se jih tako ali tako nikoli ne držim, sem se letos odločila za seznam stvari, ki bi jih rada dosegla/doživela letos. Upam, da do konca 2014 prečrtamiz seznama prav vse. Zdaj pa ste na vrsti vi! Kaj je na vaši Bucket listi?

Go to at least one concert! – First on the list are One Direction and if everything goes as planned, we are going to one in July!

Get another tattoo! – It was a rough year, lessons were learned and I feel like one should definitely be written down…

Finish college – Ah, what can I say… It’s still a long path till the end, but I’ll get there.

New camera and computer – Those two are my long wished things that I want to save for and buy myself. I’m crossing fingers that I’ll be able to restrain myself from unnecessary shopping and finally get those.

Read more books – I love books, but I’ve been neglecting them a little, so in 2014 I want to start reading more.

Experiment more – This year was kinda boring fashion-wise, but I’m working on it, so the next won’t be.

Get out more – I’ve become a huge couch potato in 2013, but in 2014 I’m making myself go out at least once every 2 weeks.

Do a full year of exercising – Break the circle of starting to exercise and then quitting few weeks later and do a full year, because I know I can do it!

Have a puppy – I always wanted a dog, but right now I feel like the wish is especially strong.

Happy Birthday Fashion Junkie!

Another year has passed! We’re now 4 years old, oh my gosh! Today, I’d like to thank YOU,…


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