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The sun feels so good… Although I’m freezing, but at least is bright outside and not that depressing. I have a big week ahead of me, so I spent the weekend super productively, behind books. I have an exam on Thursday and I’m kinda getting nervous. Keep your fingers crossed on Thursday! So, if I disappear from the blog for few days, don’t be mad, I just want this to be over so I can start enjoying my holidays. While on a study break, I made this usual Monday post and it’s actually nothing new. I’m still into beanies, black (lots of black), big sweaters and that laid back vibe. What about you? Have a lovely Monday!

Tale sonček res dobro dene, sploh ker imam pred sabo kar zahteven teden. Tudi vikend sem preživela super produktivno – za knjigami! V četrtek imam izpit (no, kolokvij) in počasi ratujem živčna. Če slučajno izginem iz bloga, da boste vedeli kje me iskat, pa da se ne boste preveč jezili. No, med pavzico sem se vseeno lotila ponedeljkovega posta, pa čeprav je tema še vedno ista: kapice, črna (veliiko črne), puloverčki in predvsem laid back vajb. Kaj pa je na modnem meniju pri vas? Pa lep ponedeljek!

Photos from: Sincerely, Jules, Lovely Pepa, Collage Vintage, Kenzas, Song of Style, other blogs and tumblrs

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