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Thursday Tag: 10 Random Facts About Me

1. I’m pretty childish and I’m not ashamed of showing it. I love cartoons and animated movies, especially Disney ones, love playing with kids and shopping for toys! And I still sleep with my teddy bear. I got it when I was born and I will probably have it until the end. I also have another two co-sleepers, a reindeer from my boy and another teddy bear that was meant for my cousin, but apparently she’s more mature than me, so she didn’t want and I felt bad leaving him at grandma’s all alone…

2. I’m can be very shy or too chatty and almost obnoxious. It all depends on the company. I won’t talk just for the sake of avoiding the silence, but if the topic is right, I can talk for days.

3. I can’t see very good without my prescription glasses, but I don’t wear them all the time. When walking on the street all of the faces are very blurry, I can’t really recognize anyone till it comes closer (sorry about that), I have a bit of trouble seeing the bus numbers too, as well as the street names and all that. I’m used to, but people around me aren’t, so it’s always funny when they’re showing me something far away and I’m like I can’t really see it, but I’m sure it’s nice…

4. I prefer being cold over being hot anytime! Although I love summer, I just hate that feeling when you are so hot you can’t really do anything, everything is dripping no matter what. Bleh!

5. I’m an uber-chocoholic, I have to have it every day. There are days when I eat a looot (and I mean a lot). I just can’t live without it… My favorite is the one with whole biscuits in them – yummy!

6. Our English teacher in elementary school always told me I’m no good at English and wanted to put me in the lower level class, but my dad never allowed it (thankgod). I hated it at the time and I was feeling really bad about being put down, but look at me now – it’s pretty decent. Take that Mrs. Teacher!

7. I hate horror movies. They give me nightmares for the next month every time I watch something with just a hint of a horror. I always kinda fall in the movie, like it was real and happening to me, and it’s great for the comedies, romances and actions, not so much for horrors and thrillers though, my imagination it’s just too big…

8. I love organizing, but it never lasts for more than a week. I love reading books, magazines and blogs about organizing and making plans about how I’ll organize my life, but then never stick to it. Usually I’m a mess, living in even bigger mess.

9. I’m a bit of a nerd. Always loved creating websites, reading about new technologies, learning about computers and codes. And there’s this funny story. When I was finishing elementary and deciding on the high school, we had to take this test, where we answered a bunch of questions about what we do or don’t like and then we got out the ideal professions for us. Guess what mine was? Designing and creating websites! I still chose general grammar school afterwards and the test wasn’t really a big deal, but it gave me confidence to continue with what I love doing.

10. I always have the weirdest dreams that make total sense when sleeping. Like driving a car from last seats, for example…

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  1. Js sm tud ful nerdy, čeprav se mi ne vidi ravno haha. Kateri knjigi pa imaš to? :)

  2. nerds rule! haha :) Tole sta pa The web designer's 101 most important decisions od Scott Parkerja in Html&Css od Jon Ducketta, super knjigici :)

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