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Dear Santa…

You know that, when you’re saving every thing you like and you say oh, I’ll just put it on my presents wishlist, but then you never (eveerrr) find those things again? My problem today exactly. It’s that time of the year again, when you have to start thinking about the gifts you want and you’re gonna get for you loved ones and once again, I did my Santa list. It wasn’t easy, but here it is!

Aveš tisto, ko vsako stvar, ki jo najdeš in bi jo imel, nekam spraviš, zapišeš, pa si rečeš to gre na moj seznam daril za božička in potem tega nikoli več ne najdeš? No to. Meni se to zgodi vsako leto. Spet je ta čas, ko moramo začet razmišljat o stvareh, ki bi jih radi dobili ali pa poklonili kot darilo. Jaz sem seveda, tako kot vsako leto, pisala Božičku.

To be even more cozy, a snugly green parka that I’ve been choosing (but never actually bought it) the for past few months…

With the snow coming up, there would be nice to have a fabulous shiny pair of warm beanie & scarf that match!

From electric kettle, some picture frames or yummy candle, to a funky notebook with a set of pens, everything is welcomed!

Home Decor: Tea Bar

If you saw my last DIY post, you know I wanted to make a corner in my kitchen…