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Best of 2013

Took a few days off of everything to spend the holidays with the family and had a little time to myself, just waiting for the year to end. Truthfully, the 2013 wasn’t one of my favorite years and I’m very excited for the 2014, hopefully it will be better. On the other not so melodramatic side, there were some good moments, some great memories that will stay forever.

Vzela sem si par dni na off, za praznovanje praznikov z družino in malo časa samo zase. Čisto po resnici, tole leto ni bilo ravno moje najljubše, zato sem ubistvu zelo navdušena, da prihaja novo. Upajmo, da bo boljše!

Weekly inspiration

Last Monday this year, although it feels nothing special, except I’m sitting at home having a free day,…


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