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Can’t believe weekend went by so fast… Procrasinator as I am, I rather watched thousands of Youtube videos and series than finish this post. Oh well. There’s not much new, I’m slowly getting out of my (previously mentioned) bleh mood, so my wardrobe and general state of mind still aren’t as they used to be, but we’re getting there. It usually get a bit better when doing this collages. Everything counts, right? Have a lovely week and if you need some more inspirational pick me up, go check my tumblr!

Lenoritnik je moje drugo ime, zato ni nič čudnega, da sem nedeljo raje presedela za računalnikom in gledala vse sorte, kot pa da bi dokončala kakšen post. No, ampak danes mi je useeno uspelo, kljub svojem še vedno prisotnem “bleh” počutju. Želim vam super teden, če pa potrebujete še dodatno inspiracijo, pa lahko skočite še na moj Tumblr, kjer se vsak dan znajde kup novih stvari!

Photos from: Collage Vintage, This chick’s got style, Fashion Bananas, other blogs and tumblrs

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