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Red Lipstick

Give a girl a day off, new exciting make up to try out, great lighting and a camera and this is what you get – a photoshoot!

I told you yesterday in my London haul that how much I adore my new make up, but now you can see how it actually looks. It’s gorgeous! I’m seriously in love. Before, I was always more focused on the eyes, I used lots of eyeshadows and eyeliner, but now all I need is a good foundation, a little mascara and I’m out the door. Simple, but with best results. I’m now seriously starting to sound like commercial, so I’ll stop and let you see the results yourselves. I added a hat, because it matched the lipstick!

Dan na off, nov make up, polna baterija na kameri in super svetloba so super recept za? Fotošuting! Podlaga, blush in malo maskare je vse kar potrebujem te dni za svoj obraz. Resno sem zaljubljena v svoj puder. Čeprav moja koža (na srečo) nikoli ni izgledala slabo, z novo podlago izgleda še miljonkrat boljše. Vem, da zvenim kot Top Shop reklama na steroidih, zato bom raje nehala, da si rezultate pogledate sami. Zazdelo se mi je, da šminki nekaj manjka, zato sem dodala še klobuček. Kako se vam zdi?

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