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DIY: Ideas October 2013

It’s been a while since I was in the mood for discovering new DIYs. I currently have few DIYs in the making that were featured in my old DIY posts and you can expect them posted when they’re finished. Till then, here’s a short list of projects that are more home decor oriented and would be great addition to my lovely place. Do you have any DIY projects on your list? Share them with me!

Oktober je ponavadi mesec največje produktivnosti – novi začetki in obilo motivacije pa to. No, k vsej tej produktivnosti lahko dodamo še ustvarjalno mrzlico. Mene je vsekakor že dobila. nekaj “naredi sam” projektov je že začetih in čakajo, da jih dokončam, nekaj pa jih je zgolj šele ideja v moji glavi. No te vam danes predstavljam v temle postu. Kaj pa vi, ste kaj ustvarjalni?

Framed Quotes

Lately I’ve got this “Let’s finish the apartment for once” fever and beside half of the kitchen, the only thing missing is decorating my walls. Frames with meaningful quotes can be both chic and veery budget-friendly.

Wired Lights

If you saw my previous DIY Ideas posts, you can already tell I’m obsessed with “christmas” lights. I mean, who wouldn’t be, this looks gorgeous! I found some already made at Next, but wouldn’t it be fun to make this at home?

Coffee & Tea Bar

Recently I became a big fan of drinking tea all the time. And when I saw the video Blair posted, I knew I have to have this in my kitchen. I’m currently in a phase of researching for a budget friendly version of my own coffee & tea bar.

Magnetic Make Up Palette

Something very useful, although I don’t really own thaat much make up. But minimizing it all in various palettes would make everything much more organized and not to mention, it would take that less space…

OOTD: Leopard & Oxfords

Last days were so pretty, I wish they could last through whole fall. I used it for dressing…


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