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Shopping: London Wachlist

Okay guys, I just can’t wait anymore with this shopping list post. All I can think about is London and all the awesome things that are waiting for me there. I’m writing list after list to make sure not to forget anything. Better be organized than come home with empty suitcase, I say.

The reason why I did quite a lot research already, is because I want to get the best things from the best place. I was mainly focusing on the basics and searching for them in kinda more expensive shops, while looking for fun, seasonal things in the cheaper stores. Last time, I went a bit cray cray and all over the place, so this time around I want to be smart and spend money on things that deserve that. Soo, here are “few” things on my list.

I think I might also get my closet a good clean out, throw away what doesn’t do anymore and list still good things on the shop, so when I come back, all new goodies will have a place to stay. Quite like this plan, let’s see if I’ll actually do it…

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