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Bye Bye, Ljubljana!

Ah, the day is finally arrived. I’m currently still at home and counting hours till the flight in the evening. I finally got to sit down and relax after couple of crazy days. But I’m sooo excited to see my favorite city in the world again, to wander around, found new places, make some good memories again! It’s just what I needed, a week away, to recuperate and prepare for a new busy year.

The camera is going with me (well, duuuh) and will be by my side all the time, so expect my Instagram overflowing with snaps of London and I hope I’ll manage to eve post up here. Well, I’m back to packing now, so see you in London!

London: Day 1

After all the craziness with trasportation, arriving at midnight and sleeping in, we finally took off to our…


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