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OOTD: Seaside Outfits

These two outfits were (obviously) shot at the sea last week. One with my mom as we went around the city and another at the hotel stairs. I recruited my mom for the first one and I think we could see the talent there. Maybe I’ll ask her to do more of the outfit posts from now on… What do you think?

Sea makes me care less about things so I kept it pretty simple with dresses, flat shoes, make up and especially hair. Why fuss over having the perfect hair if you can go and have fun outside!

OOTD: Cool Stripes

It seems like I’m on a role with the outfit posts this week, huh. But I like it…


  1. Oo, to je pa v Opatiji fotkano? :) Prvi outfit mi je še posebej všeč, tak funky in direkt za poletje :)

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