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Oh, hello there! Haven’t been the best blogger around and I’m feeling kinda bad, but that happens when exams and no inspiration come at the same time… Luckily, all will be over in few days, so yaaay! And talking about things being over, how weird is that the August is gone?

I mean, I feel like the summer just started, but actually is almost over… Although I’m so excited to go get my fall wardrobe in a week and a half, don’t get me wrong. To make this end of the month more “official”, here’s the Instagram report for whole month. If you don’t yet, go follow me @pelamarela!

Great weekend everybody! (Or at least what’s left of it…)

Spiking – looks easier than it actually is // My lovely new iPhone case

Us girls yesterday having fun in the photo booth before the party // Sleepy me the next morning

Still not hanged this pictures // Magazine cutting party // Starting with vitamin D to make my nails stronger

My very “summer” attire

Organizing time // Coffee break // Deciding between spiking and studying

My best friend in the morning // Yummy watermelon // Doing my own laundry

Outfit of the day

Pia is starting a new trend // My long forgotten flats

New Nike babies // Old manicure

Went to the sales again, upsies // Peaches // Doing the mani-pedi

Yummy popsicle // Having fun with my outfit photos

Weekly inspiration

Just one and a half day left, and then I can forget about school for another month and…