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The start of August for me always meant only a month before school and that always brought mixed feelings. So now that the studying part is already here, it just means that summer is slowly coming to an end. Well, metaphorically speaking, since the temperatures are still rising… Anyways, since July is over, I want to round it up with the Instagram report. Which came out quite long, sorry about that…

Favorite summer nail polish with my love ring

Pre-birthday cake // Birthday outfit details // Yummy birthday dinner

Prezie from my mom // sugar bomb of all the cakes

obsession with black clothes // open toes for the hot summer // from where I stand

my summer tan from St. Tropez // new bible // nail polish dilemma

Šmarna gora // postcard from Izola

I know how to annoy t-shirt outfit // skort OOTD // maxi dress day

pancakeeeessss – YUMM!

lemonade // croissants and chocolate milk for breakfast // ice coffee in the morning

girls movie night always means a lot of food // Da Vinci exhibition in Ljubljana // homemade virgin mojito

floral nail stickers // silver jewelry

healthy snack // fro-yo // muffins and ice cream for dessert

casual black dress outfit // window selfie with shopping bags

new eternity ring // watching the Great Gatsby // new obsession – green ice tea

pimped phone // deciding what to wear

second week of my organizing // cleaning out the old magazines

first day of using Pearl drops // summer beauty essentials // messy hair, don’t care selfie

finally found the perfect white dress // mirror shot while shopping

Weekly inspiration

Ah, August, how did you get here so fast? I know you’re probably sick of me complaining about…


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