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DIY: Ideas August 2013

Did you notice how I do these DIY idea posts only in exam periods? Kinda funny. Anyways, I gathered some of my recent ideas for upcoming projects. Few of them are already in motion and I’m hoping I complete them soon. Of course I’ll report back to you as soon as they’re done! But till then, I hope I inspired you at least a bit to be a little creative yourself. Comment, if you have any other ideas you’d like to share!

iPhone Case – I think that my obsession with iphone cases has become a well-known fact by now, so there’s no surprise I want to make my own. Although this idea struck me only few days ago, don’t know why I never thought about making my own…
source, source, source, source

iPad Case – Yes, I’m a proud owner of one (not to brag) and it’s kinda similar to my obsession with iphone cases, although I don’t own a bunch. I’m doing the studded one (d00h), but I also found few others if someone want to try it out.
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Clothes – We all have those pieces that are missing a cherry on top, like a pair of boring jeans or t-shirt. I’m waxing an old pair of jeans and adding some letters to a boring old t-shirt.
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Accesories – Sunglasses are a definite must in this crazy weather, so why not make the even prettier with some paint. And let’s face it, we always need a little bling around our wrists…
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Notebook Cover – We can’t deny school is approaching so I found some ideas how to make notebooks more interesting.
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Hello Seaside!

The exams are almost here and it would probably be smarter to stay home with my books, but…