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Summer Beauty Essentials

Last week I talked about my wardrobe must-haves this summer and this week I’ll cover the beauty ones. I have some pretty constant essentials, that go through all the seasons and some specifically for summer, but that’s pretty obvious, I guess. Mine are all down below and now I’m interested in yours. What’s on your list of things yu can’t live without in summer?


  • To protect my hair from the sun, I use a sun protecting spray.
  • Summer heat is not that appropriate for long hair, so I usually keep my hair up with some elastics.
  • When the hair get a bit greasy and I’m not ready to wash it yet, I use dry shampoo.
  • Argan-oil is a must in every season.


  • Since I’m not planning to go anywhere near the beach this year, I splurged on a self-tanner – pretty good alternative!
  • For keeping my legs soft, I use a rich body butter with nice summery smell.


  • Since I usually have a problem deciding what to wear, I opt out for a neutral nail polish on my fingers to avoid clashing.
  • But my toes are a different story. Summer pink-coral and another layer of glitters, go sparkly or go home!

Make up

  • I like to keep it minimal on the eyes with just mascara through the day.
  • At night I love doing subtle smokey eyes with black eye pencil and nude eyeshadow.
  • I go with foundation for most of the days, because it gives me feeling it protects my face from the sunburns.
  • To keep the face from melting, I use translucent powder to set the foundation in place.
  • I use a darker shade of compact powder instead of bronzer.

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