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Birthday Countdown: Wishlist

Ugh, don’t you just hate it when you waited so long to be free and stop worrying about everything and then the thing doesn’t go as planned and you have pretty much ruined vacations… Yup, that happened yesterday and I won’t lie, I cried because I was looking forward to this day so much, to just start my summer free and careless. But apparently that’s not in the cards for me, yet another year. But I am done complaining, it’s summer, at least there’s still a chance to fix it. So I am starting my well-deserved week of freedom determined to enjoy every last bit of it.

My dad have been already “bugging” me about what I want for my 21st, even though it’s still quite far away. Well, 23 day away to be exact. And if you follow me for a while, you know what’s coming in this Birthday Countdown thing – the wishlist! I do this every year, just to hint what I would totally love to get. But (as you know) I love surprises, so if you have any better ideas, go for it!

EARPHONES – my current one are already in a very bad shape, so a new pair would be nice and these also look very good… 1, 2 WEDGE SNEAKERS – I’ve always been more of a sneaker girl, although I love occasional heels, I kinda prefer to be on the ground. While these are sneakers, they still give you a little height, not to mention how adorable and comfortable they look. 1, 2, 3 FURNITURE & HOME STUFF – As you know my apartment is still not really finished and what I’m still missing is a shoe closet and some drawers for all the junk. Not much, just some plain white closet with shelves and some drawers for under the make up table. Talking about a useful gift… 1, 2 VERA WANG PRINCESS – My favorite and actually only perfume I really use, but unfortunately I’ve only couple of drops left… 1, 2 OTHER – You know, those small stuff you always need, new planner, Tangle Teezer, or perhaps something to remember you 21st by, like Pandora charm bracelet… 1, 2, 3

Fit Friday: Working Out

Past few weeks I was feeling kinda low, not really feeling good in my skin. As this is…


  1. jst sm šla za ekonomijo na inštrukcije k inki in sm nrdila z 9:) tko da priporočam. politologije pa h sreč nisem zbrala u prvem:)

  2. Men je ekonomija že v principu zgrešena in vem da je nikol nebom zakapirala, ampak se bom pač prisilla da se naučim za izpit in se je rešim :)

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