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Birthday Countdown: Outfit Ideas no. 2

Getting closer and closer… Just 2 days away! Aah, I feel like a little kid, counting the days, hours even. I admit, I have absolutely no plans yet, of what I’m going to do this upcoming Friday, but I’m telling you, I’m not sitting at home, even if that means going out by myself! So I created another collage of what I’d love to wear on my upcoming special day. I know that some of you might already be sick of my birthday babbling and obsessing, but hang in there, after Friday, I’ll stop, I promise! ;)

And yes, I am still obsessed with white dresses, which I finally found yesterday! I searched every shop I know, few that I discovered recently and nothing, but then imagine my surprise when I walked in H&M (already hopeless and just looking for some interesting jewelry or a nice small bag to ad just something new to my birthday outfit) and saw the dress I was looking for all along. An epic moment, really. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you saw it, although I later discovered I was trying it on backwards, and the zipper actually goes in the front, but I think mine will stay in the back…

So now that I shared my excitement with you guys, it’s time to focus on my dreamy birthday outfit. I made a combination from my three favorite colors – black, white and pink. Bit more edgy than the first one and more appropriate for a night time. Smokey eyes, a big bun and black-silver nail combo. A bright pink studded shoulder bag, studded sandals and loots of bracelets. Looking at it right now, I totally see myself wearing it out this Friday!


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