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What Will I Wear This Summer?

Oh boy, Friday already?? How that happened? I was meaning to blog all week, I had all this ideas about outfit posts and all, but I ran out of time and basically wore jeans and T-shirts all week, so yeah, pretty boring. But with the sun outside, I started dreaming about summer and this time of year always brings out the bohemian part of me. Stacking on my jewelry, wearing lacey dresses, letting my hair down or braiding them up, smushing my eyeliner, just basically bringing the summer out.

Haven’t started with all this yet this year but if the weather holds up, I definitely will. So for that occasion I put together a little collage with all I want to wear this summer. I decided I’m gonna change it up a bit, try out few things (like maxi dresses) and just step out of my comfort zone (it is about time). I present to you, a little mixture of black, beige and gold, dresses and sneakers, fine jewelry and big watches, my clothing list for summer 2013! Have a good Friday!

Insta Sunday

Unfortunately exams are keeping me from being a good blogger, but nothing can stop me from instagraming. So…

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