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Insta Sunday

This is the last weekend I have to study for few months, thank god, because I am going crazy! I just want everything to be over already, because I just can’t do it anymore, my brain will explode… So, all fellow students out there, I hope you are successful and get the much needed and deserved vacations soon! I can’t wait for the next week of doing absolutely nothing…

Yummy breakfast // Brownies in the making // The result – sugar bomb!

Double vision // Cousin made these rings – I think we have future designer hiding in our family!

8track playlist for my squat challenge // Boxing training done for the night

Trying out the bandana // Outfit of the day

Red bandana – I’m hooked!

Reading list for Monday when I finish the exam // mom’s old dungarees // Done working out and feeling great

Weekly inspiration

By the time you read this, I’ll already be on my way to school, taking my last exam…

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