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Unfortunately exams are keeping me from being a good blogger, but nothing can stop me from instagraming. So if you want to know what’s happening around here, be sure to follow me @pelamarela. I hope you’re spending your Sunday somewhere else and not behind books like me! Also, good luck to all the fellow students, with the upcoming exams, we’ll all gonna need it…

pretty necklace holder

Studying in style // pretty manicure // new watch – I’m in love!

Selfie while in library // my crazy mess on the head in the morning

New snack addiction // stuffed friends – yes, I sleep with teddy bears, so what! // stupid questions

Sunday’s outfit of the day

Weekly inspiration

Found this photo of a white dress yesterday before bed and it hit me – I need to…


  1. I feel you, izpitno obdobje je groozno! :D Slikce so pa super, pa itak te spremljam na Instagramu:)
    xx Lara

  2. Čiiist hud blog, I like :)! Pa super je ta manikurca.
    Srečno na izpitih :)!


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