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Sunday already? How can days go so fast… I hope you’re doing something fun today, enjoying the rest of the weekend, I will probably be lazy some more and then try to study fo a while, although if I’m honest, I’m already going crazy and would just love to throw all the books away. But oh well, I have to do it for another week so I better get to it. If you haven’t seen it, there is a post from few days ago where I would love to know your opinion about certain things!

breakfast treat // the latest outfit // raspberry smoothie – yumm!

last week’s dark lips selfie

lacey outfit from last week // studying does that to me // my pretty white gelish nails

my most comfortable high heels // toasting our friend competing for Mister Slovenija 2013

teddy bear crew helping me get organized // sleep or studying? // yummy breakfast

Weekly inspiration

It first started with the white nails a week back and it continues to white clothes. I am…

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