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Beauty: Summer Manicures

Today I am getting my nails done, as a little reward for one successful exam already over. Instead of going for the safe but boring choice, such as just nude polish, I decided I will get something a little more trendy and interesting this time. Since I needed excuse to not study I went and explored some options. Down below are my favorites and I am planning to try out all of them through this summer, though still not sure which to choose first… So be sure to come back tomorrow to see how did it go!

WHITE POLISH – still monochrome, but it’s going big this spring.

SPARKLY – could be kitchy, I know, but since I don’t wear lots of interesting things these days, at least my nails can be shiny.

BLACK POLISH – huge fan of black, perhaps I’ll get a matte one, to make it pop out more.

HALF MOON – had this on my nail wraps a week back and I really liked it. It makes my nails looking very nice.

Outfit of the Day: Finding Myself

If you’re wondering how I decided yesterday, here’s the answer! I went with the clear white, as it’s…


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