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If you follow me on instagram you saw my latest purchase of those famous Zara shorts. This wasn’t really an impulse buy, as I went and try it on at least twice before I bought them, but in the end, the obsession won over. I became obsessed with those a while ago and you can still see it in today’s post. The other obvious love this week, beside shorts, is also the black and white trend. I always loved this classic and timeless chic combination but recently, it’s all I want to wear. You see how I didn’t even mention the fact that is Monday again in the whole paragraph? Getting better here… Anyways, I hope you’re starting a week in a good mood!

P.S.: The giveaway is now closed, I will announce the winners in tomorrow’s post!

Photos from: Lovely Pepa, The Blonde Salad, Angelica Blick, other blogs and tumblrs

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