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Trendy Tuesday: Stripes

Who’s in the mood for another Trendy Tuesday? I am! Striped shirts, pants, dresses, all these things are totally hip this moment. Well, actually for a while now, but you can’t really spot stripes under the thick coats and cardigans (that were a must have around here only about a month ago), can you. Now that is sunny and warm, finally, let’s do some stripe talk, shall we.

Big vertical stripes attacked the world! You can see them mainly in black and white combination, but there are some pretty stylish other color combinations as well. Now, I know these can look a bit clowny or say, reserved for the prisoners, but when styled right, they can look really good! Those vertical stripes on the pants can make your legs long like the most boring Monday.

And don’t even let me get started on those dresses that make you look like a supermodel. Talking about optical illusions, huh? Not sure yet, if I want to get those pants, but I am definitely looking for a striped blouse or perhaps even one of those dresses. Who doesn’t want to look so good! What are your thoughts on this trend, I would love to hear them! You like it or not?

Shopping: Jewelry

Last time I introduced you to new online shop with glasses and today is time for the other…

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