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DIY: Ideas June 2013

The past month was pretty creative (when I get my camera back I’ll show you what I did), but after exams, I tend to indulge it even more! I created another list of DIY ideas for my future projects. I find it easier to write it down and have it in one place (like my blog), so when I’m in the mood, I can quickly find it. What about you? Doing any diying lately?

Twist dress
Summer is coming and this DIY is perfect for the hot days. Beside, I can finally reinvent the old T-shirts into something useful!

source, source

Wired jewelry
I’m a sucker for rings, we all know that. But these one are something special. I’ve been eyeing these tutorials for a while, but never got myself to do it…

source, source, source

Inspired shoes
We’ve all seen the gorgeous Valentino studded kitten heels and pretty Marc Jacobs mouse flats, but not everyone can afford it. Luckily, we can try and make something similar at home.

source, source, source, source

Arm Party
I’ve put down my rings for a while and started to enjoy the wrist bling again. So this will be the perfect time to add a few unique pieces to my collection.

source, source, source

Insta Sunday

My Sunday is going to be spent behind books (pretty much like the whole past week was), but…


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