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Throwback Sunday: Productive Weekend?

Sunday came around again and even though that means Monday in 24 hours, I am happy for this free day. I had this plan for today, to go running, clean the apartment after and perhaps make a studying plan for myself, but I doubt I’ll be that productive today. You know me, once a lazy ass, always a lazy ass. If I do at least one of those things today, it would be a success.

Between school and work, I found time to also attend a fashion show (you can read the report here). It was the peak of the week, of course. I was a nice night and it was excellent opportunity to dress up a bit. Since the holes of the extracted tooth are now nicely healing I also finally got to eat normal food, yaay. Never thought it would be that hard to eat just liquid and soft things…

So now I’m off, hopefully done with the run by the time you read this. Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. Lepo frizurco si mela pa lepe čevlje. :) Upam, da te ne boli več preveč, jaz sem tudi imela en čas nazaj probleme z grlom in je res obupno. :/

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