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Throwback Sunday: I Survived!

As I told you yesterday, I went running and it was pretty awesome. At first I thought I will die after the first circle, and the truth is the first one was the hardest. All in all, I did 3, which means I did 6 km. Not bad for a beginner, huh? So today I’m laying low, slept very late and now I’m gonna eat breakfast and go back to bed. That’s what Sundays are for after all, right?

Other than that my week pretty much revolved around school. I was a good girl for a change and started working on school projects and did a little bit of studying too. I hope this enthusiasm for school continues next week, which is also the last one before spring break, yaaay! Are you excited too? I am going to Kanegra with couple of friends to the spring break festival and the best part is, the Nervo twins are going to perform there! But first there’s some more studying to do. Have a nice day!

Weekly inspiration

Rainy Monday, what a joy! Personally, I really need some inspiration, and this one is in full spring/summer…

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