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Throwback Sunday: Full Week

Very interesting week, not always very pleasant, but I got through. From relaxed and food-full Monday, to teeth extraction on Tuesday which made me eat only cold and liquid food for 3 days and now I can slowly upgrade to normal but still softer types of food. If anyone saw the photo with baby food on Instagram, you probably thought what the heck, but now you know the reason.

So Tuesday and Wednesday were mostly spent in bed, sleeping off the horrible pain, while Thursday was more fun. Eva and I decided to do a mini trip to IKEA in Klagenfurt. We got the car, made some music selection and went on a little adventure. It was so much fun, although I was looking forward to their yummy food, but sadly, I had to pass. We got everything so fast that we decided to explore a little further and also go to shopping center in the city. I can’t even tell you how awesome it was. We found the mentioned baby food (and my growling stomach was very happy about that), we found Douglas where they have Essie nail polishes (yaay, I was searching for them for foreever now) and also I treated myself with a body butter from Soap&Glory. When we found out there’s also Bodyshop, it was too late. It was a lovely trip, we have to do it again soon! I didn’t got anything very interesting in Ikea, except some accessories for kitchen and TV stand, so I doubt I’ll be doing the IKEA post (unless you really want it).

The best news came on Friday (Fridays are always the best), and that is: I am going to Slovenia Fashion Week! I got ticket for Tuesday’s show and I am beyond excited. This will be my first one and that makes it even more special. Still don’t know what to wear but I have two more days to figure out…

Weekly inspiration

Now that Spring is finally showing herself, we can put away the thick coats and start living again.…

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