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Spring Thing: Outfit no. 3

Oh these sunny days, finally! While I am already dreaming about tonight’s amazing night that’s ahead of me, I am leaving you with yet another spring outfit, probably one of my favorite so far. Something a little shorter that the previous one with the addition of this cute burgundy hat… Check it out!

White dress with a hat

This white dress has been my favorite for quite a while now. It’s perfect to wear with whatever, jumper, heels, sneakers… The hat is one of my newest additions and to tell you the truth I haven’t even wear it yet. Don’t know why though, because is sooo pretty. The blazer is here, because we still need another layer of clothes. Finishing the look with some kick-ass oxfords (Do I have to repeat how I just love them?) and some beige sunglasses, to hide the eyes from the sun. Now we just take our big shopping bag and we are ready to hit the streets! This one is on the boho side a bit too, don’t know why, but the sun makes me that way…

Dress, Hat – Zara, Oxfords – River Island, Bag – Asos, Sunglasses – ebay

FWLJ 2013: Report

Are you up for some fashion week report? I experienced it yesterday for the first time and it…


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