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Spring Thing: Outfit no. 2

Posting another spring outfit, even though it doesn’t look anything like spring outside. While I am stuck at home, missing two teeth, which were abruptly taken out yesterday in order to give space for two new ones, I have nothing other to do than dream about better, warmer times. The bright side of having your teeth taken out? Ice Cream! The only food I can eat right now, except for soups, but we all know, ice cream is a better option.

High-low flower dress

I love this dress although I wore it just twice for few hours, but while wearing it I kinda felt like a princess because of the flowing happening in the back. I love the lower back of the dress and I think it looks amazing with flats or heels. But of course, this one is a bit more casual, so I chose my old Converse and a short leather jacket to get that casual effect and also keep me warmer, since apparently the higher temperatures decided to skip 2013. In hope of a sun when I wear this, I added the big sunglasses. Since it gives that boho vibe, I decided to add few rings to the outfit, you know me, I can’t go long without my finger bling.

Dress – Zara, Sneakers – Converse, Sunglasses – H&M, Rings – Topshop, Asos, other, Jacket – ebay

Links à la Mode

Better late than never. I’ve been chosen this week on Independent Fashion Bloggers Links à la Mode, yaay!…


  1. Obleka je res cudovita in tudi jaz bi jo vrjetno nosila na All starke :D

  2. Men se zdi maxi oblekca v kombinaciji z ledrom in allstarkami odlična ideja :) + inovativen način fotkanja outfitov ;) xx

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