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FWLJ 2013: Report

Are you up for some fashion week report? I experienced it yesterday for the first time and it was pretty great. I got dressed up, took the opportunity to buy a pair of high heels, and I was ready! On this note, I apologize for no proper outfit photos, these few snaps were all I could get. I went with a summer white dress, leopard bomber jacket, black pointy heels and bunch of bracelets. Pretty casual and usual outfit for me, but a bit cleaned and styled up with some high heels.

It was a fabulous show, my personal favorite – Simona Lampe. It’s no secret I love Sherlock Holmes and oxfords, so this was pretty darn awesome when mixed together. Ursa Drofenik with her beautiful evening dresses. She opened the show and bang, there it was. The very first dress down the catwalk had my heart in a second. Beigey pink, lace, knee-short skater dress, everything a girl really needs. The other dresses were also very pretty, although the shoe selection could have been a little better. All in all, I enjoyed it very much!

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Outfit of the Day: Diamonds around the Neck

Now that the sun is finally showing itself more bravely, I’m gonna stop nagging you all with the…


  1. Luškana :) Slikce so pa tut fajn! Mi je ful žou k jst nism mogla it :(

  2. Blagor :) lepo si se zrihtala, to zapestnico z netki mam tudi jaz in je super! Drugace pa fajn post ^^

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