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DIY: Ideas April 2013

Okay, I was totally gonna do something other than just studding everything that comes under my hands, but I’m still waiting for some things to arrive, so my previous ideas will unfortunately have to wait a while (sunglasses are coming really really soon). But don’t worry I have new ones and I hope these will hopefully come to life really soon!

Christmas lights over bed

Yes, Christmas is over, but doesn’t this look just magical? To me, it looks like my own little universe of stars…

Spiked necklace

I got this idea yesterday,when I saw that neon spikes while doing the weekly inspo. You all know how I love my studs, but I could easily get into spikes as well.

source, source

Chain strap flats

Saw something similar in Zara recently, perfect and just my style. But then I saw the price and thought why not do this myself. It costs at least half less and they can be just as pretty…

source, source

Magazine files

My desk is a mess pretty much all the time and I’m trying to come up with some sort of a system and get boxes for everything, but they’re kinda expensive, so this is very smart!

source, source

Spring Thing: Outfit no. 2

Posting another spring outfit, even though it doesn’t look anything like spring outside. While I am stuck at…


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