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Where is fashion blogging taking us?

Fashion blogging is relatively wide category of blogs, but right now the popular niche (if I can even name this like that) is a blog that consists on everyday outfits. It sounds simple. You dress up, take pictures and do your thing through out the day. But is this still so simple? Or does that now mean posting outfits, showing your new (preferably sponsored or really expensive, or both) things on a daily basis? We see thousands of bloggers, posting about their new pair of oh so cute pair of shoes that just couldn’t stay in the shop one day, that perfect black bag you just can’t pass the other. It seems like fashion bloggers (or few/some of them, I don’t want to stereotype here) are slowly turning into a walking talking commercial for spending and splurging. And is that a positive thing? Do we really want to tell our followers it’s okay to buy whatever they walk by and looks good? While it’s nice to see all the beautiful stuff, it also gives you that desire that you just have to have it, even though you don’t really need another studded pair of black flats and frankly can’t even afford it.

Also, it’s kinda funny that they are calling themselves real girls, when in reality, real girls can’t afford designer clothes, bags and shoes every month. The famous “I like my money where I can see it… Hanging in my closet” can’t really apply in life, I’m afraid. The bills and food are probably more important to most of the population.

Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy for those who can afford all that, it’s very nice to see these pretty things on girls who know how to style them and appreciate the value. But do they really? When you posses 197 bags and shoes, do they still have that special feeling in them, when you can’t stop looking them and you take better care of them than yourself? Or do they become just another one in your collection?

In my point of view, blogs are a perfect thing to find inspiration, to get ideas, they are also a great way to showcase your creativity. But let me ask you something. Is there any creativity involved when you have a closet big as one normal apartment and your shoe collection holds 60 pairs of shoes? I can totally get that those lucky ones are able to dress differently every day. But some (well, most of us) are stuck with few pieces, but personally, I think that’s the time that creativity comes out and shines. It’s not that simple style a black dress in 10 totally different looks without adding also 10 totally different shoes and accessories. Black dress is after all just a dress and it’s not magical.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that those fashion bloggers shouldn’t really be named as real, everyday girls anymore. They created a higher level and they basically became that 1%. The blogs are still interesting to follow, but you can’t do much with them as just dream.

My question here is a bit philosophical. Where is this road of fashion blogging taking us?

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  1. Super objava in se nekako strinjam s tabo! Če imaš polno omaro oblek res ni problem sestavit miljon različnih outfitov, če pa imaš omejeno število kosov je zanimiv outfit sestavit mal težje ampak ravno v tem je čar kajne? xx

  2. Super si napisala in se nekako strinjam s tabo. Če imaš polno omaro oblek, čevljev in dodatkov res ni problem sestaviti miljon različnih outfitov. Ko pa imaš na voljo le določeno število kosov je to malo težje ampak v tem je čar kajne? xx

  3. Me too, I use them for inspiration and they're great, but sometimes you get a bit frustrated knowing that you'll never get those things…

  4. I totally agree! I love looking at those “1%” blogs for inspiration. I look pulling from higher end designers and stylists and then doing my own thing with my TJ Maxx flats and a black dress or something. There is no way I could ever afford half the stuff that they post and link to.


  5. I agree with the general sentiment of this post. I personally don't do daily outfit posts, because I am aware that I can't afford new things often. That being said, I think that in order to actually deal with this issue, I take the more extreme view of completely getting rid of “look what I bought today!” posts. I did 2 of those last year, in the first month of blogging, and I found them incredibly useless. Who cares what I bought? It doesn't tell anyone anything about my ability to style clothing, my personal aesthetic, etc. It says that I had some money and went to the store. There will always be someone out there with a little bit more money, and de-classifying those who are loaded (and they tend to achieve that status through blogging well) as “real girls” isn't fair to them. Maybe the part of the lifestyle we should be focusing on is how, in most cases, their entrepreneurship got them the lifestyle they now enjoy at a relatively young age, not necessarily how unfair it is to budget fashionistas that are put in the same group with people who get gifts and can afford designer things. And if we get rid of a defeatist mindset of how much better they are, and focus on the how instead of the what, their blogs become MUCH more useful to the “average” reader. Sure, we won't all have superb photography skills, or luscious scenery to photograph our outfits in, but once you find what makes you and your blog special, it's your job to capitalize on it and create your own higher level, not comparable to the “1%” of bloggers out there.

    ♥, Khadijat of Youth Savage

  6. Of course, I completely agree with you. This post wasn't meant to be a jealousy rage and I don't have anything against those, contrary, I admire them and I love reading their blogs. I guess what I was trying to say is that at first the outfit of the day kind of posts were probably intended to show people what to do with clothes that are available to them. And the more popular you get, the more you can afford, and that means more clothes and more possibilities to mix and match, which can't always be so relatable for readers who can't afford it. I think they're becoming more like celebrities who can be a great deal of inspiration and can open your creativity if you can see their ideas in your own way and in range that's available to you.

  7. Thank you for writing this, it is so nice to hear another blogger's thoughts on this matter! I have a hard time following blogs that consist purely of outfit posts for this exact reason. I am interested in fashion and wanted to write about it when I started my blog–but couldn't really reconcile doing outfit-type posts with my wardrobe and ethics. As a result I started a blog about the politics of fashion–that way I could explore my interest in the topic and still feel like I was writing responsibly. The only exception? I will feature new and emerging designers on my blog who's items I may not be able to afford. I always try to mention that such-and-such an item is out of my price range but I support the designer for 'x' reason.

  8. I think there's room for that kind of blog – I'm not a fashion blogger, jut one who enjoys some of them. So personally, my favorites – the ones I follow – use the SAME clothes in multiple ways. That's closer to my reality, so that's what I like to see.

  9. Agree, I struggle with my outfit posts too, although mostly the problem is more technical, like finding someone to take the photos, but of course, I don't want to post just the outfits as well. The great thing about blogging is, that every one can approach the subject they're interested in, from a different side, from their personal angles. That's why I started blogging in the first place.

  10. This is such a though provoking post ! I never thought of things that way, but I totally agree with you ! It also makes me think about my own blog, (although I just started!) I hope I can get more creative and put posts that are more intriguing and fresh! I mean its okay to post designer things sometimes, but then we can always put alternatives to those outfits for a more friendly price ! Anyway I really enjoyed this post !

  11. Thank you! Of course, nowadays there are so many possibilities to be stylish without spending a fortune for clothes. And I agree, designer clothes are welcome now and then (I mean, let's face it, we still love them, even though they're not in our price range). All in moderation, I would say.

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