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Trendy Tuesday: Maxi Skirts

When I already thought it would be wiser to write about how to style rubber boots with thick coats or perhaps how to build a boat for when the melted snow will flood my half-basement apartment, the sun came out again. So, I decided to post a little something about maxi skirts. Not a new trend anymore, but they caught my attention just recently. When styled right, they can look super adorable, tres chic or more rock’n’roll, whatever suits your style really. Over the time I did save quite a lot of maxi skirt outfits in my inspiration map, so today I will show you some of my favorites.

I am contemplating the idea of buying one for this summer as I don’t have any. Until now I was just admiring them from distance, but this year I will try and challenge myself to wear something a little different, like a maxi skirt. Speaking of buying it, can you guys give me some recommendations, like where to buy it, which color would be the best for styling and all that. Comments, please!

What do you think? Is it worth buying and trying?

Home Decor: Bits and Pieces

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