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Throwback Sunday: State of Mind

Good morning to a beautiful Sunday! I can’t believe we’re already in other half of March and I really did nothing so far. I have no energy or willpower to do anything. It’s really annoying, because the dishes won’t clean themselves and the books won’t just jump into my brains. So I have to get my S* together and make a plan how to make things better. Having a plan makes things a lot easier and puts them into perspective.

But since this is some kind of a week review, it’s only appropriate to talk about mine a bit, right? Well, there was absolutely nothing special happening. A bit of school, in a moment of enthusiasm, I also started some DIYing, but none is finished, because I got bored when waiting for the paint to dry. Hopefully I’ll finish them today, if I snap out of this uninspired state of mind…

FAVORITE SONG: Half Of Me – Rihanna

Weekly inspiration

This Oh gosh, it’s Monday again talk is getting old, so today, I’m leaving you with the regular…

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