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Throwback Sunday: Lazy Days

While the week was fairly relaxed and spent doing nothing really constructive and productive, the weekend wasn’t. At least the Saturday. The reason why I’m typing from my comfy bed (and I have no intention of ever getting out today) is our trip to Kranjska Gora yesterday. First we did some sport, like snowshoeing and then, igloo partey! Fun times, spent with my co-workers. Got home very late or more very early in the morning with my feet hurting like crazy, so the only reason I’m gonna get up is to get some food and then back to my cozy warm bed, to watch some movies. I love this last day of the week if I can spend it laying around and doing nothing.

Slowly, there’s school work coming back, so it would be very good to start soon this time, rather than again doing it the last minute. But it will probably happen again. That’s just how I am, lazy, what can you do.

Don’t really have anything new to tell you this week, it was a pretty slow one and it was very refreshing after last few hectic ones. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend as well!

FAVORITE SONG: Jay Sean – Where You Are

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