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Throwback Sunday: Happy Holidays!

Happy Easter! While you’re reading this I am already at my grandmas, feasting with her delicious food. Haven’t eat breakfast just because I know there will be sooo much food I can’t even tell. Otherwise, very boring week is behind me. Since I’m not working right now, it gives me so much more free time and it would be perfect to start studying for exams, but no. I’d rather sit in front of computer and do whatever. Such a lazyass. Since I was free most of the time, I did some babysitting with my cousins and had a lot of fun. Those two are really my favorite little monsters and I always have such an amazing time!

Wow, one paragraph down and I didn’t even mentioned weather?? Well, it’s not even worth mentioning anymore. I feel like we’re stuck and never getting out of this winter. I’m wearing my Converses around and not even care anymore when I get wet feet. No joke. So tired of having to dress like a polar bear… Spring, come already!

And I just realized, I’m Tumblroholic. No, seriously. I can sit and scroll through Tumblr for hours and if I ever get to the bottom, I just go and check out where the pictures are coming from. And I love it. It seriously brings me so much inspiration, it’s insane. Fellow Tumblrers, leave links for your blogs, so I can check it out! 

FAVORITE SONG: Anjulie – Brand New Chick

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April is here! I am hoping that now that it’s April the snow and winter will finally say…

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