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Outfit of the Day: Sunny Walk

These were shot few days ago while enjoying a free sunny day. The outfit is nothing special actually, but since I didn’t post any for a really long time, I figured why not do it now in this beautiful light. A girl just has to commemorate taking out her All Stars for the first time this year… This handsome next to me is the happiest dog in the world, who makes me smile too, every time I see him running outside. Seriously, he’s constantly smiling! Took him and other handsome behind the camera on a walk around the local park to enjoy this beautiful start of warmer days ahead of us. I hope these kind of weekends come around more frequently, but till then… I wish you all a beauutiful Tuesday!

Jeans, sweater, top – Zara, Sneakers – Converse, Jacket – Bershka, Hat – homemade

P.S.: Now looking at the photos and this old jacket that is slowly falling apart, I got an idea. What about cutting off those patents on sleeves and waist and perhaps sewing on some patches or badges or even studs? Would that get her another year or two? What do you think?

New in: Spring Shopping

So yes, I’m guilty. I did a biit of shopping recently, partly to cheer myself up and partly…


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