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New in: Spring Shopping

So yes, I’m guilty. I did a biit of shopping recently, partly to cheer myself up and partly because I just needed all these (excuses excuses…). Want to see what I got?

So to start with the most wanted things on this list: oxfords. I searched the whole world wide web for those babies and finally found them on River Island. At first I wanted pure classic, but those were just too me to pass it up. The bag in the background is from Asos and it’s a simple shopping bag, but has this metallic strip on the bottom, so pretty! The next thing was the shirt and this one is from good old H&M. A larger see through shirt was on a list for quite a while now and those diamonds were just a plus. The last was this wide hat from Zara which I found this week on a pile that has been left from sales. What a score!
Now my shopping list is pretty much empty, who would thought, huh. And so is my wallet, but I am happy as a bird so who cares!

Pretty Red Gift Box

This pretty red gift box was delivered yesterday and inside hides beautiful red wood necklace by Lesema that…


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