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Blog Talk: Changing the Reader

I’m sure few of you already heard the news about Google Reader shutting down in July 2013 and are just as sad as I am. For those who don’t know what this is, it’s a place where you can subscribe to blogs and website so you never miss a new post. And now that it will be gone, we have to find a new platform. Of course I went searching immediately. I found 4 and they’re all pretty comparable. But I would love to hear what you guys use for following blogs?

  • Bloglovin – it’s a good alternative and there’s also iPhone app for browsing on the go.
  • Feedly – found it yesterday and I must say I’m really impressed. They offer apps and plugins and it’s definitely worth trying.
  • FeedReader – it’s available online and for download (I think only for Windows). Looks promising, but I haven’t tried it out.
  • The Old Reader – it’s supposed to be the old version of the Google Reader only better. No apps available, but they say the design is mobile friendly.

Just got an idea. What if we make this Blog Talk a regular weekly theme? It would be oriented more on the tech side, blogging tips, introducing more blogs to follow and so. What do you say? Could that be interesting for you? Let me know!

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